Danny Ramasawmy

Danny Ramasawmy

Position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Email: danny.ramasawmy.15@ucl.ac.uk
Phone: +44 (0) 20 3108 1199
Extension: 51199
Room: Malet Place Engineering Building, 3.23
Address: Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering
University College London
Malet Place Engineering Building
Gower Street, London, WC1E 6BT


Short Bio

I studied an integrated Masters in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Southampton. I had scope to study a wide range of multidisciplinary modules and chose a bachelors thesis in modelling glucose transport across the placenta. This sparked my interest in medical physics and numerical modelling and motivated me to join the CDT in Medical Imaging in 2015 where I became part of the Biomedical Ultrasound Group.  Since completing my PhD in early 2020 I have continued as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow.

Current Research

My research is focused on modelling the directional response of Fabry-Perot ultrasound sensors. These sensors are optical interferometers which can have superior characteristics to traditional piezoelectric devices. 

Planar Fabry-Perot sensors consist of multiple elastic layers. The directional response of these sensors can be modelled analytically using multi-layer models of elastic wave propagation based on the partial-wave method. My implementation of this model has been packaged into a Matlab software toolbox (ElasticMatrix) and is available for download from GitHub and the mathworks FileExchange (see below). A comparison of the model with measurements made on a sensor had excellent agreement. In addition, the features of the measured and modelled FP acoustic sensitivity are related to elastic-wave phenomena caused by the complex interaction of the ultrasound waves with the layered structure of the sensor. 

Fiber sensors have complex geometry and require more sophisticated modelling techniques. I am currently investigating these types of sensors with different numerical modelling techniques using the kWave Toolbox and Ansys.

ElasticMatrix Toolbox

The ElasticMatrix Toolbox uses the partial-wave method to model elastic wave propagation in multi-layered anisotropic media up to transverse-isotropic symmetry when the wave propagation is along a plane of symmetry.

Simulating the propagation of elastic waves in multi-layered media has many applications. A common approach is to use matrix methods where the elastic wave-field within each material layer is represented by a sum of partial waves along with boundary conditions imposed at each interface. While these methods are well-known, coding the required matrix formation, inversion, and analysis for general multi-layered systems is non-trivial and time consuming. ElasticMatrix is an open source toolbox which solves the problem of acoustic and elastic wave propagation in multi-layered media for isotropic and transverse-isotropic materials where the wave propagation occurs in a material plane of symmetry. The toolbox is implemented in MATLAB using an object oriented programming framework and is designed to be easy to use and extend. Methods are provided for calculating and plotting dispersion curves, displacement and stress fields, reflection and transmission coefficients, and slowness profiles.

Employment and Education

Post Year
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Biomedical Imaging, Department of Medical Physics, University College London
2020 –
Biomedical Imaging, Department of Medical Physics, University College London
2016 – 2020
Masters in Research (Distinction)
Biomedical Imaging, Department of Medical Physics, University College London
2015 – 2016
Winchester Science Centre
Winchester Science Centre, Winchester
2014 – 2015
 Integrated Masters of Engineering (1st Class Honours)
Aeronautics and Astronautics Air Vehicle Systems and Design, Faculty of Engineering and the Environment, University of  Southampton
 2011 – 2015


Award Year
Best student paper in the Sensors and NDE category at the International Ultrasonics Symposium, Washington DC 2017
Travel award to International Ultrasonics Symposium, Washington DC 2017
Best poster prize at CDT Summer School in Medical Imaging, London 2017
MRes + PhD Studentship for the EPSRC Center of Doctoral Training in Medical Imaging 2015



Journal Publications


D. R. Ramasawmy; B. T. Cox; B. E. Treeby

ElasticMatrix: A MATLAB toolbox for anisotropic elastic wave propagation in layered media Journal Article

In: SoftwareX, 11 , pp. 100397, 2020.

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D. R. Ramasawmy; E. Martin; J. A. Guggenheim; E. Z. Zhang; P. C. Beard; B. E. Treeby; B. T. Cox

Analysis of the Directivity of Glass-Etalon Fabry-Perot Ultrasound Sensors Journal Article

In: IEEE Trans. Ultrason. Ferroelectr. Freq. Control, 66 (9), pp. 1504-1513, 2019.

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Conference Publications


D. R. Ramasawmy; B. T. Cox; B. E. Treeby

The influence of strain-optic coefficients on the transduction mechanism of planar glass etalon Fabry-Perot ultrasound sensors Conference

IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, 2019.

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D. R. Ramasawmy; E. Martin; J. A. Guggenheim; B. T. Cox; B. E. Treeby

Directivity of a planar hard-dielectric Fabry-Perot optical ultrasound sensor Conference

IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, 2017.

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C. A. Ferlisi; C-F Mazzini; E. Laurendeau; D. R. Ramasawmy; A. Da Ronch; O. Stalnov

Case study of two capstone student projects from Canada and the United Kingdom Conference

54th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, 2016.

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