About Us

The Biomedical Ultrasound Group at University College London (UCL) was formed in 2013 to bring together researchers in acoustics, medical physics, and computer science with doctors and front-line users in medicine and the life sciences. The group currently comprises fourteen full-time research staff, with expertise extending from physical acoustics and numerical modelling, through to ultrasonic and optical instrumentation, laser generated ultrasound, ultrasound metrology, and in vivo experimentation.

The group has a particular focus on the development of advanced computer models which can predict how ultrasound waves propagate in the human body. These models have many applications in therapeutic and diagnostic ultrasound, including imaging, treatment planning, image reconstruction, and hardware design. The results of our modelling research have culminated in eleven releases of an open-source acoustics toolbox called k-Wave. The toolbox is widely used in both academia and industry, and currently has more than 15,000 registered users in 70 countries.

The group maintains strong collaborative links with the Supercomputing Group at Brno University of Technology, the Photoacoustic Imaging Group at UCL, and the Physiological Neuroimaging Group at the University of Oxford.

Our Research


Modelling the propagation of ultrasound waves through the human body for diagnostic and therapeutic applications

Modelling Ultrasound Waves


Experimental measurement of therapeutic ultrasound fields

Ultrasound Field Measurements


Advanced image reconstruction for photoacoustic and ultrasound computed tomography

Image Reconstruction

Current Members