Louis Robertson

Position: PhD Alumni
Email: james.robertson.10@ucl.ac.uk


I joined the Biomedical Ultrasound Group in 2013 after finishing my undergraduate studies in part completion of an MBBS in Medicine, currently on hiatus. I’m reading for a PhD in Medical Physics under Dr Treeby and Dr Cox.

My research is based around the use of numerical simulation of ultrasound for the transcranial focusing of ultrasonic therapy. Specifically,  I am interested in how accurately the propagation of ultrasound through bone can be modelled. My inital work involved the examination of the numerical accuracy of k-Wave in highly heterogeneous medial and the computational resources required. More recently I have examined the importance of accuratelly mapping the acoustic properties of the skull, and the medical image resolustion required.

My work includes both practical and simulated sonication experiments, as well as the creation and validation of multiple ultrasonic bone phantoms using 3D printing techniques. I also have a special interest in the use of ultrasound to directly stimulate neural tissue, a developing area that has great potential for the study and treatment of neurological conditions. Following completion of my PhD I plan to return to medical school and hope to work at the junction between medical practice and engineering science.

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